Sell Adjustable Mobile Phone Jammer

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BH-201H Adjustable cell phone signal jammers is my factory using foreign advanced technology for the continuous development of telecommunications standard, according to the actual situation of foreign mobile communications carefully successfully developed high-tech products, it can in a radius of 1-25 meters (about 10 -- 250 square meters can be adjusted according to the required on-site venues are different shielding range) within the partition 3G/GSM/CDMA/AMPS/DCS/PHS cell phone signals, so that mobile phones can not play and receive, and can not send or receive text messages, but will not be interference with other electronic equipment, thereby ensuring the necessary security sites, mobile phones cut off to leave the range, you can return to normal use,
And the human body without any damage. Remote control operation, convenient and safe.
1, effective shielding from 1-25 m adjustable (on-site is free to debug)
2,3 G / GSM / CDMA / DCS / PHS shielding Wu Lu-band
3, continuous 24-hour work
3, applies to all kinds of places
4, using high heat dissipation white aluminum shell, the surface can be screen printing according to customer needs or OEM logo (provided free of charge screen printing service)
5, the transmit power 10W, each antenna is about 1.6W Color: Black
  applicable to places
All sites
Replacement within a year or three years, provides repair