Sell Adjustable Thin-Typed Cast-Iron Solar Stoves

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It is a kind of cooker to steam, boil, stir-fry, deep-fry and so on. It makes the solar energy as the fuel, and it can be used to supply hot water or boiled water. It also can be used to do the steamy disinfections with suitable steel wares. In addition, it can be used for breeding after reasonable amelioration.
This kind of solar cooker has the following characteristics:

1. The stove surface is made from thin-typed cast-iron which is accurate in molding and not easy to be damaged. Its thickness is only around 3mm, which makes it easy to disassemble and transport.

2. It chooses the vacuum aluminum-plated pellicle as the reflecting material. The reflecting capacity is strong; The heating efficiency is high; The weight is light; And it is convenient for repairing and changing.

3. The framework of the principal axis of the stove body is supported by the barycentre. It is stable and reliable. And it is convenient for adjusting.

4. The designed stove base can keep the bottom of stove aclinic when adjusting the stove body, so as to avoid tipping the cooker. It is safe.

5. The design of the curved surface for withholding sunlight is reasonable. Thus its power is strong and its utilizing rate is high. It can be used all year.
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