Sell Adjustable Transparent Mask Machine(180)

Adjustable Transparent Mask Machine(180) You May Also Be Interested In: cigarette case transparent mask
Package dimension(mm) length: 60~130



package speed: 25~120 parcels/minute

Power consumption: 4.5KW

Power source: 220 Volt 50HZ

Weight: 600(more or less) kilogram

Outline dimension(mm) : 3330W670W1650

This machine has many excellent characters while its function is reliable and its packaging is quickly and firmed perfectly, products with the mask will be protect from fake, damp, dust and so on. This machine is of ability to auto file, bind, fold, heat-seal, count, and stick seal off tie line. The machine is suitable to particular standards and photoelectric tracking need products, such as pocker, bulletin board(with the photoelectric tracing) , magnetic tape(with the photoelectric tracing) , condom, cigarette case, medicine, cosmetics and so on.
This machine is widely applied to three-dimensionally package all small single square products with the transparent mask which size is like the cigarette case, such as stationery, healthy products, foods, medicine, cosmetics and so on