Sell Adjustable Window Screen

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Special filtering material does not get clogged
Stays efficient without requiring cleaning for long periods of time
High quality construction with anodized aluminium frame
Exclusive mated weatherstrips prevent infiltration between strips
Exclusive internal wipe barrier prevents infiltration between frame
Should be cleaned approximately once or twice a year

Adjustable Window Screen is easy to install in seconds without the need of toolsor fasteners. It can be used in wood, metal or vinyl double hung windows. that filtersout environmental contaminants such as pollen and dirt, letting in sufficientquantities of clean air without the use of fans or blowers. It also preventsthe entry of rain even in storms. It buffers heavy gusts of wind and of coursekeeps out the smallest of insects. It is used even in winter to prevent "sick building"syndrome. It keeps out the smallest insects including mosquitos