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We own a full line of high quality, medical grade, innovative orthotics footcare products that we can sell direct to you as the original developer and manufacturer. The line includes spur pads, walk straights, arch supports, foot supports, heel lifts, insoles, arch cushions and heel cups. Immediate delivery F. O. B. from our U. S. warehouse or direct ship from our factory. Tell us your order size and delivery dates. We can recommend best shipping option. Contact us for samples and pricing. Adjustable Heel Lifts let you choose a 1/8, 1/4 or 3/8 inch lift  a truly unique feature. A multi-layered, all-in-one, innovative product. You can customize them depending on your height or foot care needs. Separate lift layers adjust easily with peel-apart adhesive. Helps pelvic and back alignment and is ideal for leg length discrepancy. With tapered layers, they are convenient, stylish and perfect for maximum comfort.
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500 units (mix size)
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