Sell Advanced Female Nursing Manikin

Advanced Female Nursing Manikin You May Also Be Interested In: full body hair washing or nursing urethral catheterization wound care
It is a full-body lifelike female manikin, which is specifically designed for professional nursing training. The manufacturing quality of the manikin should provide many sessions of training when reasonable care and maintenance are practiced.
Nursing Skill
Head care: hair washing, face washing
Irrigation of the eyes and ears
Oral cavity care
Oral cavity and nasal cavity intubation
Oxygen inhalation
Oral and nasal feeding
Organs structure of thorax
Venipuncture and injection, transfusion,
Deltoid injection
Puncture of thorax, abdominal cavity, liver, medulla and lumbar
Urethral Catheterization for male and female
Irrigation of bladder for male and female
Ostomy irrigation
Gluteus injection
Organs structure of abdominal cavity
General care, bed bathes, dressing and undressing
Wound care: disinfection, dressing change, binding, hemostasia

Weight 23.50 kg
Packing size 80X41X57cm
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