Sell Aerosol Dispenser

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This fragransing system will solves your malodors problem. It comes with a green light indicator feature enables the system to operate 24 hours a day whenever the room is light or dark. It is user friendly and easy to programme to suit individual premise requirements. mini air freshener refills make the system extremely easy to place and store. The unit enables eliminates unavoidable odours, releases fresh fragrance and creates a clean, fresh envi ronment.
1) Power switch display by LED light time set spraying three-phase induction
2) When used, load two number 1 batteries in right direction and adjust induction switch
3) 24h: spray once every 5-25 minutes
4) Night: without light, spray once 5 - 25 minutes
5) Day: with light, spray once 5 - 25 minutes. Without light, it will not activate.
Load inside perfume container. Turn on power
6) The effect will be better if you put or hang perfume container in high position.
Each container can spray about 3000 times. Every two no.1 batteries can last
about three months