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Aesthetic equipment You May Also Be Interested In: cellulite circulatory debris gymnastics
The system promotes a suction, forming a cutaneous pleat (negative pressure (-) ) among the two rolls motorized that for your time accomplish the massage (positive pressure (+) ) . In that combined way we can work with countless treatment indications.
In the operative pri the indication is of strengthening the blood vessels and lymphatic; to improve the structure of the collagen elastic fibers ; to break the fat layer; unblock the possible traffic jams of the lymphatic circulation.
In the operative powders the objective is to drain and decongesting the tissue; providing the elimination of debris promoting the improvement of the circulation; making the tissues uniform that is being scarred underneath of the skin, avoiding undulations and the formation of nodules in the operated area.
Method that treats the cellulite and it remodels the body with high technology that rolls and it uncurls the cutaneous pleat breaking of the fibroses; stimulating the circulation of the blood vessels, decongesting and promoting the lymphatic drainage.
With this cutaneous gymnastics, we recuperated the conjunctive fabric, we stimulated the sanguine and lymphatic circulation facilitating the elimination of toxins, allowing to unchain the natural process of elimination of the fatty overloads, with reduction of measures, invigorating and reaffirming the skin.
The method adapts to the all the ages, effective in the circulatory problems and in the aspect of the celula that is perpetuated along the time. When increasing the circulation micro, we allowed to recuperate the conjunctive fabric and to improve the uniformity of the same.
The result is totally a treatment natural, non invasive, relaxing and it provides the good to be reestablishing and activating the functions of the own organism.
In the sessions that take place on average twice a week, with time of duration of 30 minutes, the patient uses a corporal mesh.
The resources are proven, be for the decrease of the measures or for the pictures removed before and after the treatment.
The changes happen in the most affected areas for the cellulite and for the fatty volume, bringing harmony of the corporal contour as a whole

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