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African Djembe musical instrument (can Make your own logo) You May Also Be Interested In: african djembe cow skins djembe musical instrument professional djembe
Our Djembes are produced by West African Professional djembe makers and players.

The wood are carefully selected, carved and shape to make sure it provide the original sound of Djembes. Our professional Djembe makers knows that every djembe produces sound of it own and because of that they handle every djembe individually to make sure it brings out it quality sound.

The following are the materials used when producing Djembe:

1) Iroko and Twineboah Woods (hard Wood)

2) Goat Skins/Cow Skins (Depending On Size)

3) Ropes

4) Carved with west African symbols and culture

5) Robber quoted Iron rod

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Brand Name
Customalized made
Minimum Order Quantity
100 units