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Awesome Tribal Pendant - hand enalled - hung on deep red, translucent stone beads! Pendant is made from silver and copper alloys. This is one of our One-of-a-Kind Pendant Necklaces styles, for which we offer a beautiful assortment of Moroccan pendant necklaces.

Beadwork in Morocco is varied, yet the styles we carry are the trademark quality of Moroccan artisans. There are the finely decorated Goulimine beads, and often beads are handmade from tree resine (resina) , stone, wood, ceramic, coral, luban, and metal. The metals in our beads like the pendants (unless made of sterling silver) , are a mixture of silver and copper alloys to keep them shiny and nice. Plastic beads are allowed in necklaces only when other minerals are used, so long as they have a good, hard sheen to them (making it difficult to tell whether or not they are ceramic) and fit the overall style of the necklace.
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200 grams