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A good quantity of mixed African cowries are available for the market for both local and international demand and at any industrial or personal quantity and use. We accept payments by moneygram and the most common agency is through the western union or through the first trust companies.
These cowries which are pre-arrange by us from various local suppliers who go into the interiors to search for them are to be payed before supplies to guaranti for the product and to ensure the contitnuity of this business.
This company has been supplying customers both locally and internationally and things have been going on well since all the demands of the customers are met withouit stress as there are much cowries in stock.
The price and quantity of cowries are not static as it depends on the company and quantity demanded and at the period of the year. this should be well spelt out by they that demand before the start of the transaction.
This company which is still very small and with a low capital of about one hundred and fifty pounds counts so much on the customers inorder to build up and improve upon the business links, capital, supplies and even diversify upon the type of supplies relative to customer demands. We therefore urge all those dealing with this company to be clear and faithful in their ways of transaction especially when it comes to finances.
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