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We manufacture the following grades of Agar Agar as given below.

1) Food grade  Food grade Agar is used in the manufacture of Confectionery, Jellies, Candies, Ice creams, Sweets industries, Glazing and Icing Coatings, Piping Jellies & many other innovative products. We can offer food grade Agar processed from Geledium & Gracelaria seaweeds.

2) Bacteriological grade  Bacteriological grade Agar finds applications in Plant Tissue Culture laboratories, Culture media manufacturers, Microbiology laboratories, Laboratory chemicals manufacturers/repackers, Dental Casting manufacturers, etc.

3) Pharmaceutical grade  Pharmaceutical grade Agar is used by Pharmaceutical drug manufacturers in the manufacture of suspension & laxatives

We can supply 3 food grades of Agar Agar powder manufactured from Gracilaria having gel strength 1200, 1000 & 800gm/cm2 and also food grade Agar Agar manufactured from Geledium. We also manufacture food grade Agar in strips/shreds form.

Agar Agar powder is supplied in bulk packing of 25kg drums or cartons and in retail packing of 500/250gm containers. Food grade powder is also supplied in multicolored metalised polyester poly sachets of 10 & 25gm. Food grade strips is also supplied in bulk packing of 10Kg. HDPE bales and retail packing of 10/25gm food grade BOPP pouches.

We are presently supplying our products in the brand name Meron to most of the confectionery manufacturers, leading Plant Tissue Culture Laboratories, Multinational fine chemicals & Pharma companies in India. We are also exporting our products since 1983.

Please visit us at our web-'indiaagar' for more details.

Please let us know your interest in various grades of Agar Agar offered by us.
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