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TAITAN  capsule adopts pure chinese medicine, such as medlar, astragalus mongholicus, kudzuvine root, tree peony bark , and are epurated by particular method. TAITAN capsule, which solves the diabetic root- disorder of two large system and three large metabolism including endocrinium, systema nervosum, glycometabolism, lipometabolism and protein metabolism, starts from yin-yang of chinese medicine, and make two large system and three large metabolism become dynamic balance, which will repair the areas of Langerhans function.
Efficacy: implement the three meanwhile  which are as follows:It can decrease the blood sugar and make it be steady; It can make the complication reduce or disappear; It also can eliminate the symptom. TAITAN capsule can make diabetics reduce or stop taking the insulin or west medicine. meanwhile, it can eliminate complication and symptom.
TAITAN capsule has already brang evangel for chinese diabetic. Diabetes and complication of infinite diabetics disappeared after taking this capsule. Their body gradually recover. TAITAN capsule , which terminates the opinion that diabetes is only can be controled but can not be reversed, is a great invention again after insulin.
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