Sell Agglomerated Welding Flux LJ-501

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Agglomerated flux for welding of ordinary carbon manganese, low alloy structure and boiler quality steel in combination with appropriate SAW wire (such as EL8, EM12. EM12K) . The flux suitable for high speed welding and provides very good weld bead appearance and excellent slag removal even with narrow groove and fillet welds. The other character of LJ-SJ501 is high resistance to cracking and porosity. Especially it is insensitive to oil, rust, scale and dirt on the surface to be welded. Most being applied to double-side with single pass weld and fillet welds. As the consumption of the flux is very low, it is very economical.

 Flux type: Aluminum-Rutile
 Basicity index: 0.50-0.80 (according to Boniszewski)
 Grain size:2.00-0.28mm(10-60meshes)
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