Sell Agilent HP54855  6GHZ

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Widely supplying used fusion splicer of Fitel S175V2000 and fitel S199M4, both of them are in good condition. Greatly discount, if you want to know more about the products. only please kindly let me know.
Our company some existing second-hand equipment, if you are interested, please contact me.
1. Fujikura FSM-30S
2. Fujikura FSM-40S
3. FITEL S199M4
4. Corning X76
5. Tektronix VM700A
6. Agilent HP54855A
7. Anritsu MD6430A
8 Agilent 86120A
9. EXFO IQ-206
10. EFOS A4000
11. Anritsu S331C/S331D/S331B/S332C