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Agrex Spa is a company that for 20 years has specialized in the design and manufacture of agriculture machinery: hammer mills, mill- mixing units, cereal dryers, degerminators, spreaders (for fertilizer, salt and sand). Versatile, produced in an extensive range of versions for all demands, Agrex farming equipment is renowned for its reliability, safety, functionality and high quality of materials and finishes. The universal grinders, Agrex's longstanding products, will appeal to small and medium-sized farms and can grind different kinds of cereals at a rate of between 50 and 50,000 kg an hour. Available in versions to be plugged into the mains or attached to the tractor's power takeoff, they process fine animal meal as well as medium and coarse grits. Simple and efficient Agrex spreaders are built to spread fertilizers, in granular or powder form, though they can also be used for sowing and, with the addition of special accessories, for spreading salt and sand. Other top-sellers are feed mixers, concrete mixers, which can also be used for building needs, and grain dryers. The latter, innovative machines featuring advanced hydraulic devices, are reliable, safe and can assure better treatment of the grain and attractive energy savings. Attached to the tractor's power takeoff and/or with an electric motor, all dryers come complete with brakes and road lights for road travel.