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ShoreGrow APF-3

Soil Conditioner

The health and condition of the soil is vital to the health of plants or crops and for many thousands of years people living in coastal regions have used kelp to condition the soil.

ShoreGrow is produced from Ecklonia Maxima which is harvested from the pollution free southern oceans. The production process ensures that all the vital trace elements remain within the processed product and the only thing that is removed is the salt. The product contains a cocktail of over 70 trace elements vital to the health and well being of plants.

When added to the soil a gradual improvement will be noticed. This is not a quick fix method as the addition of ShoreGrow Soil Conditioner will serve to enhance the growth of soil bacteria that are not only beneficial but vitally important to the effects of the soil. Over time and with continued use the soil will become friable (crumbly) and the roots of plants will find it easier to penetrate. The soil may darken as the bacteria begin the decomposition of the organic matter. In addition the alginic acid that is natural to the kelp will act as a water and nutrient reservoir for thirsty plants. The hormones in the mix will stimulates many effects to the crop.

A carefully balanced mixture of calcified seaweed and kelp granules, a combination to bind, and breakdown and improve many different soil types. Should be applied at least twice a year (spring and autumn) . For difficult or very depleted soils additional applications should be made.

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