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ShoreGrow APF-1 is unique in that it combines all the advantages of other soil and plant growth improvers in one environmentally beneficial package. When using chemical based fertilisers e. g. 3:2:1, super phosphate, etc. , plants are supplied with nutrients, but can only benefit from them for short periods since they are easily dissolved and washed away by watering. Much of the fertiliser that washes away ends up in groundwater, rivers and reservoirs where it can cause serious environmental stress. Unless one uses chemical based fertilisers very frequently plants do not have a constant supply of nutrients.

ShoreGrow contains nutrients and plant growth hormones and can therefore feed and stimulate the growth of your plants.

ShoreGrow is able to trap these nutrients as well as nutrients already present in your soil and hold them at root level, making them available to plants over long periods depending on the size of the ShoreGrow flake used.

In addition, ShoreGrow s reduction in soil compaction promotes healthy root systems that are better able to use available nutrients. ShoreGrow benefits the environment by promoting healthy plant growth, preventing contamination of water reserves by fertilisers and by reducing water consumption.
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