Sell Agro & Bio Chemicals

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We are looking for buyers or an AGENT in TURKEY and IRAN for our following products manufactured by us as per International Standards and presently exported to Europe.

For raisins--Fruit Drying oil, Dipping oil, Drying oil, Raisin making oil, Pesticide additive, Agro spraying additive, Penetrating additive, Sticking additive, Gibberellic acid catalyst, Gibberellic acid booster, Forchlorfenuron, CPPU, Plant growth regulator, Chloro pyridyl phenyl urea, Bio pesticide, Bio pesticide oil, Insect killing oil, Epihomo brassinolides.
Kindly inform whether you can help us do this.
reply urgently please,
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S. D. Shevde
Managing Director