Sell Ailica flatting agent (TC-520)

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1) Profile:
a) Optimal flatting efficiency, precisely controlled process ensuring pore
volume 1.8ml/g for consistent performance
b) Easy adding: in the production of the coatings, it can be easily added
in any process
c) High film clarity: extremely high purity (99% SiO2 and
above) , refractive index 1.46 comparable to that of most resins.
It makes silica invisible in polymer films and clear lacquers
d) Optimal suspension: no hard sedimentation through long time reserving
since it is treated by organic
e) Well dispersed: easily dispersed in any coatings, only require the
common high sped stirs by approximate line-velocity 5m/s, and stirring
15 - 20 minutes, typical hegman value 15 - 25um
2) Applications:
a) Advanced furniture coatings
b) General industrial coatings
c) Decorative paint and others
d) Thin film coating, such as synthetic and natural leather, decorative
3) Main reference:
a) SiO2 content: 99% min.
b) Oil absorption (g/100g) : 260
c) Average particle size: centrifugal measure: 2 micron; laser measure:
d) Ignition loss: 4%
e) PH value (5% aqueous suspension) : 6 - 7
f) Surface treatment: organic wax

Packing and storage:
1) Packing: inner liner with polyester plastic film bag, surface layer with
packing in polypropylene bag
2) Net weight: 5kg
3) Storage: be requested storing in dry warehouse, no more than ten
bags in stack height
4) The product possesses sucking dam strongly, tied bag closing after
being used in order to affect qua

Although commonly it can not damage the flatting grains in the dispersion process
because of the "excess" grinding, it may reduce the flatting effect and increase
the viscosity if it is ball milled or tri-roller milled for a long time.
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