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To various kinds of abominable working environment, in order to guarantee the normal running of the engine, avoid producing and causing the engine by the fact that use the core of the inferior air filter and is worn and torn in early days , draws the jar and pressurization device to wear and tear etc. , the scientific research personnel of our factory develop the new-type air filter products of the latest production technology newly.

1. Import the filter paper: It is high to filter the precision, it is good to hold the dust amount big , beautiful, performance is steady.

2. Oversize to roll over high to strain the core, more filter paper are rolled over and counted . Strain the core and filter the area to increase, it is longer.

3. The flow increases, flow and hinder reducing, the engine horsepower is more powerful.

4. Sealed belt of the radial; Guarantee to seal.

5. Installing the handle, it is convenient to install and dismantle.

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