Sell Air Bubble Film Making Machine

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These machines are for the application of producing bubble film and bubble film packaging products. The bubble film is made of LDPE material. It can be used for various packaging purposes such as moisture proving, dust proving, shock proving, and static prevention. It can also make into laminated films with pure aluminum foil, aluminized film, foamed PE sheet, and paper are the applications of sun shading, heat insulation, and packaging.
Main Technical Parameters:
Model: DYF-1500/ DYF-1200/ DYF-600
Main and auxiliary extruder screw diameter: 75mm 65mm/65mm 55mm/55mm 45mm
L/D: 28:1
Main and auxiliary extruder electrical power: 18.5kw 15kw/15kw 11kw/11kw 7.5kw
Width of production: 1500 mm/1200 mm/600 mm
Main bubble specification (arbitrary eligibility) : 6W3.2mm 10W3.4mm 25W10mm 30W10mm
Output: 60-100kg/h /50-90 kg/h /20-60 kg/h
Total installed capacity: 98kw/85kw/64kw
Overall dimension: 10mW8.0mW2.5m/10mW7.5mW2.5m/10mW6.5mW2.5m
Gross weight: 6.8T/5.5T/4.2T
Parts for choice: automatic feeding, electrical screen filter changer, automatic overturn rewinder