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We are currently offering the smallest Negative Ion Air Cleaner washable by water. The Air Cleaner has won various International awards and only cost less than a dollar of monthly utility bill. You could easily carry it around since it weight only 200 grams and has the size of only about 12cm X 11cm.

Product Characteristic:
1. Small and light that easy to carry
2. Easy to operate
3. Convenience and ease of maintenance as no filtering and only Ionizer that can wash by water.
4. Low power consumption
5. Medium to Large Coverage area.
6. Safe: No side effect and Ozone production is only 0.0105ppm
7. Long Product lifespan: Semi-Permanent to 15 years approximately with 1 year warranty on parts replacement and second and third year services.
8. No noise
9. Korean products with various patents and won several International recognized awards.