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Main Feature

Super quiet operation
LCD Wireless Remote Control
Air Cleaning Function ( Electrostatic Dust Absorber)
Air Swing (5-Stage Selection of Wind Direction (Up/Down)
Dry Mode (Computerized Dehumidification)
Indicator Lamp for Filter Cleaning
Turbo Cooling or Turbo Heating Function
Air Cleaning Function (Electrostatic Dust Observer)
24-Hour Programmable Timer
Automatic 3-Stage Fan Speed Control
CE, ISO 9002, TSE Approval

Mono split (Single Type A/C) Models

8 HS 8000 BTU/h
10 HS 10.000 BTU/h
12 HC 12.000 BTU/h
14 HC 14.000 BTU/h
18 HS 18.000 BTU/h
22 HS 22.000 BTU/h
28 HL 28.000 BTU/h

Multi split (A/C with 2 internal unit) Models

16 HD (8000+8000) BTU/h
20 HS (10.000+10.000) BTU/h
28 HS (10.000+18000) BTU/h