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Air Cooled Screw-Type Chillers units in 40STE series of HStars Group's adopts the fin and pip coil air cooled condensers, the units need no water cooling systems, thus no cooling pump, cooling towers are needed. Consequently, large investment in those components and installation engineering will be saved. The heating pump units can supply heat in the winter in addition to refrigeration function of the standard models. In addition to the standard models, all kinds of special chillers and heat pump units are also available to meet the individual requirement of the cusotmers. And we also provide on the spot installation, on the spot guidance and adjustment of the units. This series of unit is applicable to all kinds of air conditioning systems for industrial and residential buildings such as hotels, supermarket, schools, hospitals and offices etc.

The 40STE-A&AH series of air-cooled and air-cooled heat pump units includes more than standard models, covers a refrigeration capacity from 113156Kcal/h to 673603Kcal/h, the heat pump units covers a heating capacity from 119945Kcal/h to 714019Kcal/h. The units can be installed separately as well as paralleled. In order to raise safety in the transportation and lifting, it is recommended to adopt paralleling installation with several units, or choose the segmented units of installation on the spot.

1. The 40STE-AS
Single circulation pipelines, four-section capacity adjustment, applicable to the small, middle and large size air conditioning systems.
2. The 40STE-AD
Double circulation pipelines, eight-section capacity adjustment, applicable to the middle and large size air conditioning systems.
3. The 40STE-AH
The air-cooled heat pump units, mixed with single and double circulation pipelines, have heating capacity in addition to the refrigerating capacity of the chillers, featuring convenience of operation and environmental friendliness.
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green and gray
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2250 x 2100 x 2300mm
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