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Our group dealing in Automotive parts and Fuel Injection System component was founded in China. We hold a specialization factory that manunfacturs all kinds of sensor and electronic part to local OEM market and international market. In 2003 our factory finished to develop some models such as(06A906461,028906461,06B133471,06A906461L, etc) . Due to according to Bosch product's quality standard, their quality is similar to Bosch product. As we know, there are some faulty products from Chinese factories in Europe so that some customers wouldn't purchase the products from China. I wouldn't like to make a comment on other factories produce air flowmeters. I just want to say that we have exported our products with a large quantity to Europe since September in 2003 and we haven't get any bad response from our customers so far.
And we are also the agent of Bosch in China producing genuine Bosch EFI parts for Sino-Volkswagen.
Now we have two types of products:one is Genuine units packed by Bosch box from Bosch factory, the other is Similar parts can be packed by neutral box or Bosch box from our specialization factories. I suggest that you can attempt the latter type because their quality including the input/output voltage, appearance is nearly similar with Bosch part and their price is more lower than the genuine units'.
The following listing is some of our popular Air flow meter:
028906461/0281002216 USD24.00 SIMILAR BOSCH
06A906461/0280217121 USD24.00 SIMILAR BOSCH
06B133471/0280218013 USD26.00 SIMILAR BOSCH
06A906461L/0280218063USD26.00 SIMILAR BOSCH
0281002180 USD26.00 SIMILAR BOSCH
0280218019 USD26.00 SIMILAR BOSCH
0281002309 USD26.00 SIMILAR BOSCH
0280218037 $26.00 SIMILAR BOSCH
06A906461A/0280218002/3 $30.00 SIMILAR BOSCH
06A906461G/0280218060/061 $30.00 SIMILAR BOSCH
1JD906461/0280218122/123 $26.00 SIMILAR BOSCH
0280218004 $26.00 SIMILAR BOSCH
071906461B/0280218017 $26.00 SIMILAR BOSCH
059906461E/0281002429 $26.00 SIMILAR BOSCH
1120940048/0280217515 $30.00 SIMILAR BOSCH
06A906461N/0280218100 $28.00 SIMILAR BOSCH
06A806168 $26.00 SIMILAR BOSCH
836583 $35.00 SIMILAR BOSCH
90530463 $35.00 SIMILAR BOSCH
46559804 $25.00 SIMILAR BOSCH
60816137 $25.00 SIMILAR BOSCH
838628/0280217123 $28.00 SIMILAR BOSCH
90529673 $26.00 SIMILAR BOSCH
0280002428 $28.00 SIMILAR BOSCH
0280218111 $28.00 SIMILAR BOSCH
0280218132 $28.00 SIMILAR BOSCH
06B906461/0280218471 $28.00 SIMILAR BOSCH
9195729 $28.00 SIMILAR BOSCH

06A906461/0280217121 USD55.00 GENUINE BOSCH
06B133471/0280218013 USD60.00 GENUINE BOSCH
06A906461G/0280218060/061 $70.00 GENUINE BOSCH
1JD906461/0280218122/123 $70.00 GENUINE BOSCH
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6000pcs Per month
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