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1. 7,5  15  30 minutes adjustable spray interval (image 1)
2. Only day or 24 hours operating adjustion (image 2)
3. 24 hours or daylight operating fotocell (image 3)
4. Green led that indicates the product is on (image 3)
5. Red led that indicates the batter level is low (image 3)


1. 3 years since the purchasing date
2. Every part of our product is under our warranty with all parts
3. During waranty due to workmanship, equipment and assembling fault malfunctions, product will be repaired without any charge.
4. Due to using the product against users manual, the product will be out of warranty.

Mounting Instructions:

1. Place the peg into the wall, than mount the product to peg with screw as seen on image (image 4)
Mount the product 2m higher than floor, and far from high folw of air.
2. When the product is on, do not approach to produch with fire less than 1m.

Using Area:

You can use Carpex Air Freshener Dispenser in houses, rooms, bathrooms, toilets, stairs, offices, hotel lobbies and rooms, busses, automobiles, boats, and hospitals.

Using Instructions:

1. Open the front cover by pusing the button side of the product. Place 2pcs. ALKALINE batteries with paying attention to their + and  polarization. (image 5)
You can operate with adapter, but to prevent the product from a technical problem, use special Carpex adapter.
2. Place the Carpex Parfume and close the cover.
3. Adjust the spray interval which you desired. (7,5  15  30 mintes)
4. When you take the operating button form OFF to ON, the product will be operated for 24 hours. If you take it to AUTO mode it will work only in daylight.
5. The green led that indicates the product is on will be flashing.
6. Replace the ALKALINE batteries when the flashing led turns to red.
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