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This product combines such four functions as air humidification, fragrance, activated carbon filtering & deodorization and anion purification, bringing you a fresh environment.

1. ) 4 in 1
2. ) Air Humidification (by Water)
3. ) Fragrance
4. ) Activated Carbon Filtering & Deodorization
5. ) Anion Air Purification

Y-HP7002 Oxidative Air Conditioner can produce the humid air with moisture and oxygen content by interior operation, adjust the indoor humidity, moisten the air, enabling people to breathe smoothly, lustring skin, relieving nervous tension and fatigue quickly, just like immersing in the humid sea wind and feeling at ease and free.

The fragrance function can purify the air, resist bacteria, appease mind and harmonize mood; different fragrant oils can cause people to have different moods and body reactions; making use of the fragrance effect well will enhance the physical health, relax, relieve and calm people, in this way improving the life quality. The function is especially suitable for the recent finishing room, reducing the harm of such hazardous substance as formaldehyde, etc. to the human body, making the air fresh and clean instantaneously.

Deodorization with active carbon filter
The activated carbon filter screen is a good air filtering medium. It has absorption, filtration and deodorization function; it can adsorb the toxic chemicals (for example, ethanethiol, formaldehyde, etc. ) emitted by such organic compound as the paint, glue, dope, pollen, printing ink, etc. , at the same time filtering and absorbing the smog produced by burning (such noxious particles as fog of tobacco, etc. ) ;

Negative ion
Y-HP7002 Oxidative Air Conditioner produces a great deal of anion by the anion generator, which is very helpful to the purification of air and human body. The anion has strong dust arrest ability; the air with plenty of anion has the function of tranquilizing and allaying excitement, relieving from fatigue and improving the sleep;
The anion can increase the breathing capacity and relieve the muscular tension; it can strength the function of cell and improve the absorption of nutritive substance; it also has an obvious function of vasodilatation; achieving the blood pressure reduction; therefore the anion is called Vitamin in the Air
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