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# For Connecting
Cut the tube for required length by tube cutter and push the tube on the core of the fitting and tighten the nut by hand.
# For Disconnecting
Loose the nut and pull tube out.
# No Tools Needed for Tubing Installation
No wrenches, haring tools, benders or other tools are used for tube installation.
# Reduce Installation Time and Labour Cost
AIR-O-FIT Fittings offer a minimum of 36% saving in installation time, compared to regular compression type fittings.

# Excellent Holding Power
The AIR-O-FIT fittings when assembled finger tight on polyethylene or P. V. C. tubing will hold the burst pressure of the tubing itself.

# Pipe Swivel Possible
By loosing nut slightly pipe can be swivel on its own by 3600 as per required direction.

# Material
Elbows and Tees : Brass Forging (as per B. S.218) / Aluminium / Acetal copolymer (Celcon) .
Connectors : Unions / Female Studs : Stress relieved brass bar stock ( as per B. S. 249) / Aluminium / Acetal Copolymer (Celcon)

# Pipe Thread
British standard pipe threads (Parallel) . Also available MM threads on 4mm OD tube fitting

# Operating Medium
Compressed air, light gases, water, lubricating oil.

# Working Pressure
Vacuum to 10 Bar (depend upon bursting pressure of tube) .

# Working Temperature
10o C to + 45o C (For Polyethylene tubing)
10o C to + 60o C (For Polyurethane tubing)
10o C to + 80oC (For Nylon tubing)

# Ordering Information
To order, simply specify catalogue number for configuration and size desired.

# Example
6mm tube X 1/4" B. S. P. Male connection Code No. A 2006
_______________ Brand of fittings (AIR-O-FIT)
| _____________ Thread Size
| | ____________ Type of fitting
| | | ___________Pipe Size
A2 0 06

Supply Capacity
Upto your requirement
Minimum Order Quantity