Sell Air Permeation Cloth Filter

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New air permeation cloth is developed by our company, suitable for aerodynamic transmission flume for transporting powdered materials of cement, alumina and so on.
Those aerodynamic transportation devices and gasification beds, which make use of our company's air permeation cloth, are widely used in the metallurgy, building material industry , traffic transportation, chemical industries, power plants etc and have achieved good results. For materials are in the gas state and mobile well in the process of transportation, devices suffer no friction and wear, thus reducing device repairing. Materials are transported in the sealed flumes, therefore no loss occurs. Enviroment is also not polluted.
Our company's new gas permeation cloth is made of fine-quality cotton yarn and chemical synthetic fiber of heat and erosion resistance. It is woven according to specific requirements through specialized equipment. Its properties and quality have reached the same level with similar products in the world. The advantages are as follows:
1. Texture clear, flat, stable size, no deformation 2. Good air permeation, stable and even gas flow 3. Resistance of heat, erosion and attrition 4. Low energy consumption, long service life, few repair work