Sell Air Respirator. Self Contained Breathing Apparatus. SCBA.

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The RHZK series self-contained open circuit compressed air breathing apparatus are used widely for fire-fighting, chemical industry, shipping, laboratory, mine, petroleum, warehose, factory and metallurgy. It can provide effetely respiratory protecting from toxic gases for fire-fighter, life-saver, rescue and operator who working in thick smoke, steam, and oxygen deficiency hazardous atmosphere.

Product Inspection Standard:Requirements of the
International Code for Fire Safety Systems and GA124-2004. EC Type Examination Certificate No.54 775 - 08 Lux.

Type Working Pressure(Mpa) Volume (L) Tolerance of Storing (L) Working Time (min) Warning Pressure (Mpa) Weight (Kg) Dimension (mm)
RHZK 5/30 30 5 1500 40-50 4-6 <=12 755*460*290
RHZK 6/30 30 6 1800 50-60 4-6 <=14 755*460*290
RHZK 6.8/30 30 6.8 2040 50-60 4-6 2040 50-60 4-6 <=10 755*460*290
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