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Air Tube Series
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Air Tube Catehory
Specification for Type

Operation Instruction
1. When joint the pipe adaptor with air pipe, chould cut the end face of air pipe by sharp knife or air-pipe cutter into right-angle surface fist, then proceed the connection of air pipe.
2. When joint the air pipe, you will find 2 sections, sections, section 1 is the loocking claw part, section 2 is the seal ring part, it must be in sen to the section 2.
3. The external diameter of air pipe connection with pipe adaptor permit tolerance is nominal diameter 0.1mm, if use the air pipe with oval section the suggested use the air pipe whose difference of oval long diameter and short diameter is no longer than 0.2mm
4. When dismount the air pipe, press the pipe covering equally with strength, and pull the air pipe, if the press strength is not enough, the air pipe can't be pulled out easily and the outside of air pipe will be scuffed by locking claw, and probaly cause air leakage.
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