Sell Air cooled screw-type chiller units with heat recovery(40STE-130ASB)

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Stars Air cooled screw-type chiller units with heat recovery is invented by H'Stars Group based on Air cooled screw-type chiller units. It is a new generations heat-recovery product. While this system is making refrigeration, by means of heat recovering appliance, waste heat in great quantity generated by system is recovered and reused to produce living-used hot water at temperature 30 to 65 centigrade. This unit acquired national patent of practical new type, with Patent Code ZL 03 2 23588.7. The whole recovering process doesn't consume any energy; furthermore it combines both making refrigeration and producing heat, and reclaimed heat may be applied to living water, thermostatic and humidistat system as well as industrial use, etc.
Characteristic of this system:
1. High efficiency of energy consumption: utilized recovered heat reaches 30% to 80% from that of refrigeration.
2. High efficiency of working units: in practice, it's 5 to 15% higher than common air conditioning units.
3. Economical and common use: low cost and pollution free of heat energy by means of heat exchanging in heat recovering appliance (to make use of heat exchanging between refrigerant and water at the time of refrigerating unit making refrigeration) . It eliminates problems of high cost, high pollution and low safety in production of traditional boiler, and it's characterized with high efficiency, energy saving, economical and environment protecting.
4. Applicable place: high level hotel, massage place, schools, hospital, factory dormitory and spot in control of thermostatic and humidistat system or other air conditioned places where hot water is in need
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200units per month
ISO9001&3A2000 via DNV, BR1,ARI, JIS B
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2250 x 2100 x 2500mm
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Patent#ZL 03 2 23588.7
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