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We can supply you over ten kinds of air curtains. If you are interest in our items. please feel free to contract us for more information.


The air curtain is usually installed above entrance or exit. When it works, there is an even air flow from the outlet. The airflow can prevent the air from convecting effectively to keep the temperature and humidity; it also can prevent the exhaust gas, dust and insects from going in, and people can go in and out freely. Especially in summer, use the air curtain can prevent the hot air from going into, and keep the cool air inside where using air conditioner. So it can save the energy and reduce the wasting of the refrigeration. In the north area, use the heating air curtain in winter, besides the above functions; it also has a function of getting the air warm. The air through the heater will get warm airflow and can prevent the cold air from going in, the air indoor can be heated up at the same time, and keep the temperature indoor even. It is fit to be used in shop, hotel, meeting-room, showplace, safe, operation-room, restaurant and warehouse, and widely used in electron, instrument, weave, pharmacy, vivers and precision machining. It is a perfect "air door".