Sell Air purifier - Model A-80

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** Specification **
1. Power consumption : 200 Watt
2. Voltage : 100~120V, 220~240V,50/60HZ
3. Applicable space : 80 square meter/set
4. Max. air flow : 700 cubic meter/hour
5. Noise level : 50dBA or below
6. Air flow speed : High!BMedium!BLow
7. Indicators : Air orientation!NTimer!NTemperature
8. Carbon activated filter + Photo Catalysis filter
+ UV Sterilizing
9.Size : 99 x 32 x 18.6cm
10. Lamp average life : 9,000 hours ( 32W x 2 )
11. Net weight : 11.0kgs

* Instant Sterilizing!GElectrostatic dust collection
with photo catalysis plus high output of UV germicidal,
rapidly disinfects air as it passes through the unit!C
* Refresh Air effectively!GRelease massive negative ion,
removes evaporate chemical substances, smoke and
odor to refresh air effectively with 3 layers filters
(preliminary filter + activated carbon filter + photo
catalysis filter)!C
* Best Sterilizing Result!GUse high quality hard quartz
lamp to keep high output of ultraviolet ray penetration at
253.7nm to ensure best sterilizing result!CUV + Photo
Catalysis filter + Activated Carbon Filter to kill 99.9%
of mold, germ, bacteria and virus, to reduce possible
airborne infection and contamination!C
* Safe : Virtually no risk of accidental ultraviolet exposure
of occupants in treated area and no chemicals to contend
* Easy installation!GWall mounted type!Measy and quick
* Low Maintenance : Annual lamp replacement and periodic
filter cleaning is all that required!C
* Economical!GLong service life, equipment cost is generally
less than other alternatives!C