Sell Air purifier-for food industry

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Ozone as a kind of disinfection material, since was found in 1785, has been widely used for food making, transporting, storage and tap water and so on, because it can not only disinfect the space but also can do the things surface and inner parts, especially in recent years as deeply study into the ozone using technique, it has attracted more and more people from food industry, the it has been used for more and more areas not only disinfection but in deodorization and decoloring industry it is also aproved a good
So far in countries like USA, ozone has been used for all areas of food industry. Ozone disinfection
for food industry have excellent effect on many ways. Because it works good on microzyme, it is significant for new style food packing. Nowdays because of the widely used of gas replacement packing, vacuum packing, packing with deoxidizer and packing with powder spirits, a new problem was found that the food deteroprate by microzyme of which the most common is deteroprate caused by vinyl acetate. Because the Ozone can kill vinyl acetate very effectively, so to fill in Ozone while packing becomes a new and important way to prevent food deteroprate. Ozone also plays a big roll in dealing in secondary pollution problems in food production. In packing for cutting noodles, pickles and beancurd and othersimilar food, to disinfection the workshop, using OZONE is the most effective way. At the same time, ozone's dsinfection function also get good comments on disinfecton for cases and bottles for drinking water, fizzwater and syrup and so on