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Our air purifier reproduce the natural conditions found in the outdoors. It can significantly improve the interior air quality by eliminate fume/smoke/odors, largely remove pollen/dust/large particle, kill mold/mildew/bacterial. Air purifier can create healthy and comfortable living environment. It recommended to be use in house, bedroom, garage, bathroom, closet, car, hotel, hospital, restaurant and entertainment areas.

Air Purifier with following Notable Features and Advantages:

* With the functions of :Negative ion + Catalyst filter +UV light + HEPA filter + Ozone plate. They are all optional.
* Adjustable fan speed control.
* Compact/ Portable.
* Enery saving, only consumes 20 watt power.

Negative ion output: 1.5 millions/cm3

Ozone output:<0.004ppm
Product size(mm) :210x228x327;