Sell Airbrush Body Tattoo Kit 01

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This kit has all necessary components for you to start airbrush tattoo, it includes 1 compressor, 3 airbrush, 8 bottles of common ink, 2 bottles of pearly ink, 1 bottle of glowing ink, 1 bottle of fluorescent ink, 1 bottle of finalized ink, 2 books of computer stencil, 1 pen holder, 1 bottle of 3M spraymount, 1 teaching CD, 1 pamphlet, 1 three branch manifolds, 3 air hoses, 4 glass jars.

Each bottle comes with 100 ml of ink, various colors for your choice, safe for body, stay at least seven days on skin, we also have golowing ink, fluorescent ink, perlized ink available. This ink has the luster of pearl , safe for body, stay at least 7 days on the skin, the series of products include common ink, fluorescent ink, glowing ink, shaving tattoo ink. Our stencils are arranged into book, from 15 to 120 designs in each book and total 12 books available, durable, resueable, self-adhesive used for temporary body tattoo.