Sell Aircard775 wireless card

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Aircard775 wireless card
Aircard775 wireless card of surfing Internet of the high speed and notebook computer , palmtop computer carry on the seamless link, insert INTERNET at a high speed whenever and wherever possible , make you have a look around information in various occasions such as the airport , coffee shop at a high speed, download the novel , film , the game on line. Make you work whenever and wherever possible easily.

Technical specification

TYPE II PC card (not expanding type)
Support EDGE MS technical feature of 12 grades (max is4TX, 4RX, total is 5)
Outside collecting type hinge aerial

Support working system:

WINDOWS 98SE , NT 4.0 SP 6A , 2000 , NE , XP , PPC , PPC2002 , PPC2003 , HPC2000 , CE4.1 , CE4.2 .

Support the additional connection:
EDGE, GPRS, and circuit main interface of driver , NDIS of data interchange , of GSM support a lot of to visit nodal APN' SSMS (send and receive ) dialing net support pronunciation and fax

send & receive frequency: 824-849MHZ, 869-894MHZ
power output: 500MW(+27 DBM) /2W(+33 DBM)

send & receive frequency: 880-915MHZ, 925-960MHZ
power output: 500MW(+27 DBM) /2W(+33 DBM)

GSM 1800 MHZ
send & receive frequency: 1710-1785MHZ, 1805-1880MHZ
power output: 400MW(+26 DBM) /2W(+30 DBM)

PCS 1900 MHZ
send & receive frequency: 1850-1910MHZ, 1830-1990MHZ
Authentication : Accord with 99 authentication standards of GSM edition

Environmental specification:
Working temperature: -Store steadily from 20 0to 060: -Shake from 30 0to 085 ( It is not the working state) : 15G peak value : 10- 2000HZ humidity: 95% (not condense)

The system requirement:
Socket : Standard TYPE II PCMIA slot memory: The capacity of 32 trillion magnetic discs: 10 trillion magnetic discs are driven: CDROM (only limited to according to)

Aircard 775 advantages
1, four works frequency uses
2 , pace of transmitting data to be up to 384Kbps
3 , low consumption in the whole world, can lengthen battery life-span
4 , real network interface card operate and dialing network
5 mode , let you while receiving and dispatching mails and browsing through Internet, receive SMS message and pronunciation telephone in step

Aircard 775 functions
1, browse through Internet webpage
2, receive and dispatch the E-mail (can integrate with OUTLOOK )
3, SMS short information service (support the message group to send)
4, pronunciation
5 function , switch over to WiFi
6 , ultra-temperature automatic protection function
7 , directory functions of management
8 , Fax work automatically
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