Sell Airport Fence

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Airport fence is made with low carbon steel wire welded panel, post , barbled wire or razor wire and other accessories.
It is a new fencing product specially designed for airports. With high strength welded low carbon wire, rectangular steel or high strength pipe as pillars and welded V-shanped support at the top, the fencing has strong impact-pool, with razor and barbed wire on the top, the fencing has good protective ***** products are widely used at large airports both at home and abroad, and are well received by customers.
Specifications: 1. diameter: 5.0-5.5mm
2. mesh hole: 5.0x100mm
3. line post: 60x2mm
4. height: 2.0m-3.0m
5. center distance between post: 2.5m-2m with razor wire on the top
Advantages: 1. structure simple, netting solid
2. artistic and practical
3. hingh strength, fine steel
4. beautiful apprearance , wide view ,
5. easy installation, bright and 6. comfortable feeling
Export Markets: military place, airport , prison