Sell AlNiCo magnets

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The AlNiCo magnet is mainly composed of Aluminium, Nickel and Cobalt. It has excellent temperature stability (up to 5000) , low Br. temp. coefficient, good resistance to demagnetization from vibration and shock, high residual density and magnetic stability.
These magnets are widely used in generators, lifting applications, microphones, voltmeters and measuring instruments.
There are two different manufacturing processes for AlNiCo: cast and sintered AlNiCo. Sintered AlNiCo has slightly lower magnetic properties, but better mechanical strength than cast AlNiCo. So it is easier to process small and irregular shaped products. Cast AlNiCo permits high temperature operation (up to 5000) . Although other materials offer greater energy (BHmax) and coercivity values(iHc) , the high remanence and thermal stability of AlNiCo makes it the most cost effective material for certain applications.