Sell Aladdin Plus+

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Aladdin Plus+
1. XBox Aladdin Plus+ Chip 1.0-1.6

2. The Super Aladdin is compatible with all XBOX, all online games and all regions. Build with Cromwell bios you can easily flash the chip with the bios you want. The chip can be turned on/off from the power button, to allow XBOX Live to run correctly.

3. Please note, there has 2 version 1.6 xbox console, so please use diffirent diagram as installation showes.

4. One chip for v1-v1.6 xbox 5.4 wire + 8 solder point

6. Plays original imports 7. Play online games on 1.0-1.6 console

8. Plays Backups of originals9. Plays unsigned code 10. Run Debug Executables

11. No-patch hack 1 12. No-patch hack 2
13. IGR 14. Eject trick hack 15. Macrovision Off 16. DVD Reset