Sell Alarm Camera With GPRS Picture Transmit To GSM Mobile Phone

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Field monitor:

1. User can monitor the field by sending SMS message or call the device
2. SD card to store the picture (option)
3. User can set to store 10 seconds AVI video record to SD card
4. Can be equipped with various detectors such as PIR detectors, door gap detectors and shocking detectors

This system can send a picture to your mobiphone or Email by MMS with GPRS when alarm. The picture will also saved on computer.

The GSM-508B Camera is an imaging device with a digital camera, motion detector, thermometer and microphone which can satisfy the demand for personal or commercial users by monitoring the environment and taking a picture through any GSM / GPRS cell phone remotely and seamlessly. With this camera you can capture still images remotely, and send them to your multimedia messaging (MMS) enabled mobile phone, or to an e-mail address. You can control and configure the camera with text messages (SMS) or with the PC configurator that can be downloaded and setup through a PC connection. The small and exquisite fuselage makes it easy to install in internal environment such as the house or at the lift lobby.

Main functions:

Capture images remotely by cell phone SMS
Timed imaging
Motion Detection alarm
Receiving images by phone or E-mail
Multi quality images
Flash inside (Some model)
Power-off alarm message (Some model)
High temperature alarm message (Some model)
Listening to
Smart infrared remote controller


Network: GSM / GPRS 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz GPRS Class 10
VGA digital lens: 300, 000 Pixel
Image quality: 640 x 480 (Best)
View angle: 60 'C
Battery support: 12 hours (Normal)

Standard pack components

* 1 Control Unit.
* 1 wireless infrared detector
* 1 wireless door magnet detector
* 1 internal alarm sounder (mini siren)
* 2 remote controllers,
* 1 12v DC Adapter (UPS rechargeable)
* 1 232-port motion-detecting camera
* 1 instruction manual