Sell Alaska Heat Vest along with heating plate, battery and charger.

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Heat Vest for Outdoor Sports and Leisure Uses.

Protect your body from the cold elements with Alaska Heat Vest.
No more worries about the harsh winter weather. Alaska Heat Vest is the wise choice for you and your family.

* Features
- 3 adjustable temperature settings
- Rechargeable battery pack lasts up to 12 hours in green mode (low heat setting) and 6 hours in red mode (high heat)
- Infrared emitting heating pads for improved blood circulation
- DC power source: no electromagnetic waves
- Made of Neoprene (diving suit material) : light-weight, superior insulation, waterproof and windproof
- Contoured fitting for minimized heat loss

* Suggested Uses
a) Sports and recreation - for (ice) fishing, skiing, hunting, golf and other outdoor activities
b) Police forces - police force members of all regions and provinces
c) Military forces - for soldiers as mandatory uniform to keep them warm
d) Government agencies - transportation, road service, ambulance service, disposal service, and other on-site government employees spending majority of their time outdoors
e) Elders - older generation with medical requirements for secure retention of body heat
f) General public - for people who are not accustomed to the cold weather.

* Specifications  Model No. Alaska105

< Contents , Specification >

a) Vest:
Weight : 390g / EA
Color : Black or Brown

b) 2 heating plates:
Flat & flexible type, Carbon film
Weight: small size - 20g, big size - 30 g

*The surface temperature can go up to 60 degrees(red mode / high heat setting) , effective temperature is about 50 degrees(orange mode / average heat setting) .

c) Battery pack:
Model no. M44A(dual type) . Lithium-ion (7.4V,4400mAh)
Recommended temperature in use
1) Charging: 0 degree to 40degrees.
2) In use: -20 degrees to 50 degrees
Weight: 230g/EA. Size: 87 x 76 x 23 (unit: mm)
Battery life: more than 500 full charges
Battery working time: 6 hours (Red mode) to 12 hours(Green mode)
Battery pack contains 4 battery cells manufactured by Samsung Electronics Co. , Ltd/LG Co. , Ltd

d) Charger:
Model no. 205A , Lithium-ion battery charger
Input voltage: AC 100V to 240V, 50/60Hz
Rated voltage and current: 7.4V DC 1000mA
Weight: 200g/EA, Recharge time: 4 hours and 30minutes

Brand Name
Supply Capacity
10,000 pcs per month
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
Alaska 205
Minimum Order Quantity
100set per color
Power Requirements
Free volt
Terms of Payment
L/C at sight
Warranty Coverage