Sell Alaskan Salmon - Freshest Copper River Reds -  EAT WELL AND PROSPER!

Alaskan Salmon - Freshest Copper River Reds -  EAT WELL AND PROSPER! You May Also Be Interested In: alaska salmon alaskan salmon copper river freezer pack salmon
Copper River Reds (Sockeye) are the best of the best in the salmon world. Treat your customers or your friends and family to a exclusive culanary treat. This run of fish only comes once a year and our entire stock is expected to move fast. This lot of fish might sell out faster than our River to Restaurant Delivery Program. Our River to Resturant delivery goal is 10 days or less.

Your local fish market cant provide this level of freshness and they certainly dont do it at the price we are offering. Our Copper River Reds To Resturant International Freezz Pack sports 23 kilograms of the Copper River Reds caringly encased in dryice to ensure fresh fish.

We are happy to provide you the highest quality, freshest C. R. Reds available and we are only asking 475.00 USD. This is nothing considering the quality of product and service. Not to mention the fact that Copper River Red Salmon fetches 50.00 a entrie at the midrange New Your dinning establishments. Our 23 Kilo Freezer pack will make 90 to100 of these 8 ounce entrees. EAT WELL AND PROSPER!.
This run is short lived and will soon be only happens once a year so dont wait to place your order.

Alaska salmon is a great source of protein including essential amino acid. Salmon is also high in unsaturated fatty acid called Omega-3 which is proven effective on prevention of adult disease such as heart disease and arteriosclerosis Moreover, Alaska salmon is harvested in the best season and quickly frozen with the state-of-the-art processing technique so it keeps best quality, freshness and nutrition.

Brand Name
Available Colors
Bright Silver &26 Red
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Ship 7/15-7-20
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
23 kilo box
Terms of Payment
T/T or Credit Card
Terms of Sale
FOB Anchorage, Alaska
Warranty Coverage
Fresh Fish
50 LBS