Sell Albendazole

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Product name: Albendazole
CAS No: 54965-21-8
Packing: 25kg/fibre drum
Quality standard: conform to CP2000 standard

Usage: As a high effective, broad spectrum antiparasitic. It has obvious effect for roundworm, fluke worm, nema etc. It has the strongest medical effect among benzimidazole medicines. It is the first medicine to select for prevention and cure of parasitosis.

Appearance White powder Complies
Identification Positive Complies
Assay 98.00-102.0% 99.15%
Melting point
206-2120 206.9-210.20
Related substances <=1.5% Complies
Loss on drying <=0.5% 0.27%
Residue on ignition <=0.2% 0.13%
Fe <0.003% 0.0027%
Minimum Order Quantity