Sell Alcohols and Distillates

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Applications: Paints , esters , inks , de-icing, screenwash , phthalates and Xanthathes.

Mosstanol L( 60% ethanol and 40% ipa)
Mosstanol 120( Normal Butanol and some npropanols)
Mosstanol P( Pentanols and Hexanols)

Kerosene based: Mosspar M and ASH M. Mosspar M has about 1% aromatics and ASH M has about 8% aromatics:

Applications: Indoor Fuels, Lamp oils, Inks and paints , carriers for pesticide sprays.

Diesel based distillates: Mosspar H and Ash H - Mospar H has about 1% aromatics and Ash M has about 8%.

Printing inks , Di-ELECTRIC fluids