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Palm oil is produced from the fruit of the Oil Palm Elaeis Guinnesis , found in Africa, South East Asia and Latin America. Palm oil is extracted and refined through pressing and crushing and not by the use of chemical solvents.

Palm olein is used for frying foodstuff as it is stable in high temperatures. The manufacturing process involves deep-frying followed by rapid cooking and blast freezing. Quick crystallization of the fat used is important and for this reason, a hydrogenated palm oil of melting point 40-420C. The most important characteristic of a fat used for frying is its ability to withstand the high temperature used, with undue chemical change. Frying usually at about 1800C , at which temperature, the more unsaturated oils tend to oxidize and breakdown or polymerize quite rapidly
Palm oil, with its moderate linoelic acid content and high level of Natural Antioxidants, is suitable for direct use in most frying applications, and frying is a major use of palm oil worldwide. Oils containing significant levels of linoelic acid are not recommended for frying, unless they have been hydrogenated to reduce the content of these labile components. Palm oil resists oxidation and rancidity, which means products made using palm oil have extended shelf lives.