Sell Alkali-resistant Fiberglass Mesh

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Alkali-resistant Fiberglass Mesh
Alkali-Resistant fiberglass mesh is different from normal fiberglass mesh, in which the ZrO2 content is 14.5-16.5%. This special chemical content lead to the Alkali-Resistant fiberglass mesh have better properties than the normal mesh. If Alkali-resistant mesh is added special glue, the mesh can be used in some very bad environment such as cement, freezing cold weather and so on, in such environment the alkali-resistant mesh can keep soft, anti corrosion so that the mesh will not be break easily and the tensile strength will keep as usual.
1. High tensile strength
2. Good cohesion with concrete
3. Excellent alkali-resistance
can resist the corrosion of high alkali substance of cement.
4. Remained tensile strength: > 90%
Stretch percentage: < 1 %
Lift time: 50 years
Elastic Modulus: 80.4GPa.

1. Fiberglass mesh is a kind of necessary structure material in the EIFS (exterior insulation and finish systems) .
2. Fiberglass mesh is an idea reinforcement construction material.
3. Apply to Water-proof bitumen; strengthen the tensile strength and life time of bitumen.
4. For Reinforcement of marble, mosaic and stone.

Packing: Shrink film, then in cartons. Usually 4 rolls/carton