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Product Name:Alkaline Reducing Filter Cartridge
high-energy tourmaline ceramic ball etc
1. Radiate FIR (far infrared ray) with 4∼14 5m wavelength. Bring 150∼2000p/cm3
anion. Electrolyze water presented alkalescence activated water.
Restrain bacterium and remove odor. Release various kinds of mineral microelements.

2. According to different customers requirements, can equip with corresponding filter
material, filter medium to meet various uses.
(Various sizes and can be customized) : such as Φ2"W10", 25 branch/box,
30W15W40cm3, Net Weight: 11kg
Molecule of water group becomes smaller after being treated by tourmaline filter
cartridge. With test of NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) , reduce from original more
than 120Hz to less than 55Hz. The number of ORP (oxidation reductive potential)
of drinking water is reduced to meet that of water (ORP:-100∼ +200mv) and
the blood (ORP:-100mv) in human body. Hence, can remove toxin in human body, organic
pollutant, free radical and excess fat. Activate cells and accelerate metabolism
of human body. Adjust and balance the degree of acid alkali in human body.
With efficiency of health care and body building.
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